Pray with intention and purpose


Do you long for a powerful and effective prayer life? 

Yet struggle to know what or how to pray.


Prayer is our invitation from God to talk with Him. We juggle marriage, motherhood, ministry and work and most days it can be a struggle to put together complete sentences much less effective prayers. Yet, God has made purposeful and powerful prayers available to us through His Word.


 Intentional Prayer Cards will encourage you in your prayer life and equip you with scripture to pray purposeful and powerful prayers.

You can pray specific and intentional prayers for every area of your life.

I like that the cards are specific and focused not general. They help me to pray, think and be aware of important things to pray for instead of just the urgent.
— Abby, Mom of two, Teacher, Florida
I love that the cards lead me in praying scripture over my husband and children. I don’t think there is anything more powerful than praying scripture and it’s not something easy or quick to do on your own. I’m glad to have a resource that has done the work and time of looking everything up and writing everything out so that I can spend my time praying the scripture prayers.
— Larra, Mom of two boys, Director of Family Ministry, Alabama
They give my prayer life a lot more variety instead of just the same old prayer every day because I would never think of most of the things to pray for and sure wouldn’t know what scriptures to use
— Layne, Mom of a newborn, CPA, Alabama
I love my prayer cards! They are such a great addition to my morning devotional and just a perfect way to set my mind right before I go out into the world every day.
— Katie, Mom of two, Teacher, Georgia

Pray Purposeful and Powerful Prayers