How I'm Praying for My Kindergartner

Thanks for joining me on this blog series. I'm excited to share a little bit with you from my heart as first time "big school" mom. I hope this blog series encourages you in how you can pray for your child this school year.

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The words “first day of school” carry a heavier weight this year. We have tiptoed into the school world with pre-school but now my oldest is starting Kindergarten. She is fearlessly excited about the adventure that awaits while I try to hold back an ocean of tears at every mention of it. I’m not even sure she will hold my hand the first day, she is braver than I am, but maybe she will know I need it.

As I prepare to walk her through those big Elementary school doors, down a wide hallway filled with faces I don’t recognize, I am reminded that when I can’t be with her, her Heavenly Father is with her and when I can’t cover her with my arms, I can cover her with my prayers.

Here are three ways I’m praying for my Kindergartner this year:


I met one of my closest friends on the first day of High School. Her mom had been praying for a “kindred heart” friend for fifteen years. Getting to experience the fruit of her mom’s prayer in our friendship compels me to diligently pray for my girl's friendships.

I’m praying for the friendships she will form with the kids she sits next to. I’m praying the playground will be a place she learns not just to climb the monkey bars but also how to be a good friend. I’m praying for her kindred heart friend.

#raisingellie’s friendliness is a reminder to me to always invite others in. I pray she will be drawn to those who need a friend and will be kind to those who aren’t always kind to her.


#raisingellie asks a lot of questions. Sometimes we have to tell her “no more questions” because our ears get tired. But I love her inquisitive mind.

My prayer as she learns about her world this year is that she would ask a lot of questions. I’m praying a love for the truth would be birthed in her and that we would help her learn to guard her mind with God’s Word.


Honestly, many of my prayers are driven by fear. It’s hard to release the baby that made me a mom into the wilderness of the world. I wish I could protect her longer.

This year I’m praying for what is best for her, even when that means failure and rejection because even though I wish I could protect her from that I know it will develop her character.

As that first day draws closer and closer and the “what if” thoughts creep in, I am reminded that prayer is the foundation in which all the seeds of our parenting are sown. I am not alone in this, God is with me and with her.

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Karen Isbell